Our cross functional engineering team has successfully designed and implemented thousands of products. Areas of expertise include wireless communications and applicable systems for analysis and presentation of resulting data.


Mechanical Engineering

  •      Electromechanical Design & Integration
  •      Proof of Concept 3D Modeling
  •      Design for Manufacturing

Hardware Engineering

  •      Simple to complex multilayer PCB design (schematic and layout)
  •      System on Module (SoM) Integration
  •      Sensor Integration using wired and wireless protocols

Embedded Software Engineering

  •      CC3200, MSP430, MSP432 microprocessor development
  •      Wired and wireless interfaces (US-232, I2C, CAN, 1553, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee)
  •      OS-less and RTOS based designs     

Systems Engineering

  •      Modular Design Approach
  •      Rapid design of test and evaluation systems
  •      Design considerations for radiated emissions, conducted emissions, and electrostatic discharge

Software Engineering

  •      Code development focused on data aggregation, analysis, and visualization / presentation
  •      Hands on collaborative development and integration
  •      Creating and validating test code

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