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Engineering and Manufacturing Services
ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, AS9100D:2016

GDM Electronic & Medical was established in 1983 to provide best-in-class products and services to customers with exacting quality and delivery standards. GDM manufactures electronic systems for medical, military, robotic, and automotive equipment. We evaluate product designs, create documentation, identify risk, and ensure compliance to regulatory requirements. GDM has been recognized for outstanding services by the US Small Business Administration, the National Nuclear Security Administration, and SRI International. GDM is FDA registered and maintains AS9100D:2016, ISO13485:2016, and ISO9001:2015 quality management systems. GDM and Ravenswood Solutions formed a Strategic Partnership in 2018 to further organize and strengthen their engineering expertise.

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Where are you in the process of developing your product? How can we help?


Not sure where to begin? Let's discuss your design concept, understand the goals to be achieved and formulate a plan to quote, execute, and service your requirements.

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Design Support

We're here to help you minimize the number of components in your design, ensure you're using standard commercially available components, ease part fabrication, and design with tolerances that are within process capabilities.

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Customers approach us with all types of documentation. We assist to develop appropriate operational instructions that achieve peak efficiency while addressing identified risks and meeting regulatory requirements.

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30,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in San Jose, California producing Medical Devices, Electronic Enclosures, and custom cable harnesses. Specialized tooling on site for electrical test, machining, etching, and pad printing. Environmentally controlled. ISO 7 Class 10,000 Clean Room.

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Engineering Support

GDM’s Engineering Team provides cost effective and creative solutions to support your product design and development efforts. Let us help you develop a strategy for effective material supply and sound operational method.

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Material Management

We help to identify appropriate and available materials for your products and insure all members of the supply chain are qualified and monitored. We monitor component life cycle and research suggestions for ongoing product viability.

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We're creative

We work with you to formulate product and process strategies and focus on making your product's configuration easy to manage, manufacture, and scale.

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We're knowledgeable

GDM has been ISO registered since 1999. GDM employees know their mission, their procedures, where to go if they have questions, and when to raise their hands to provide feedback.

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We plan

A solid plan, accurate material flow, and effective training save time and money. At GDM we have the tools and systems to process your orders and monitor evolving status.

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We capture

We capture the appropriate manufacturing and test data to ensure regulatory compliance and drive product life-cycle and design plans.

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All GDM customers deserve the ultimate in quality, service, and performance. GDM is committed to meet customer and regulatory requirements and to maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through teamwork and continuous improvement by establishing and reviewing quality objectives. The current objectives are to provide: Defect Free Products, On Time Delivery, at a Fair Cost.

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